About Us


'Churches Together in Epping & District' (CTED) unites the Christians from across the 11 local churches to share the Good News of Jesus with our friends and neighbours and to come together in worship, in friendship and in serving our community.  As Christians, we are united in one faith, as one church, by our Saviour Jesus Christ. Our congregations express themselves uniquely, through their traditions and activities; through our joint activities we gain an understanding of each other’s traditions, grow in our own faith and come closer to each other and to God.

The CTED Prayer:

" Father God, we resolve to pray and work together until every person in our area has heard the salvation Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We ask your blessing as we preach and demonstrate the Gospel in love, power and confidence, with the desire that all may be in a position to both receive your blessing and decide for themselves about Jesus. Father, please lead us and empower us by your Holy Spirit, as we work together to this end. We ask this in the name of Jesus.

Amen "